Coffee and Music: A Perfect Duo


Have you ever wondered why coffee shops play music? You probably don’t because questioning their combination isn’t even something you’d bother to ponder over. They’re perfectly fit for each other that you don’t have time to think about why coffee and music don’t go well together.

But why are they a perfect duo? Because of three things.


Coffee and music can keep us motivated.

Whether you’re using a drip coffee maker or a French press from or not, you’ll always come up with a coffee that keeps you inspired. Coffee is proven to elevate mood and give drinkers a positive feeling. And naturally, when you’re optimistic, you’re also motivated to do tasks. If you’re doubting me, then at least believe the several scientific studies that show coffee’s ability to can increase serotonin in the body, which is a significant mood influencer. They’ll tell you that drinking a cup of coffee can make you a happy person.


The same goes for music. Music is usually much more appreciated when you’re doing complicated tasks, say, hitting the gym. Those who dread lifting weights can easily overcome their dislike of weight training by putting on their headphones and listening to upbeat music. Cyclists and runners also use this technique to help them enjoy what they’re doing and stay motivated. Even cleaning up the room or the whole house can become more bearable with music.


Coffee and music are good for the mind.


Whatever type of coffee drinker you are, drinking coffee will give you mental benefits; it can help you improve your memory skills, concentration, and alertness. We drink coffee in the morning to help us face the long day ahead. We do it every time we’re sleepy because we know it can keep us awake and attentive. Coffee can even decrease stress levels and lower risk of depression. Sounds like music, doesn’t it? Music is associated with keeping the mind calm and relaxed too. Depending on the type of music, we can gain a lot from it. Listening to rock music can keep most of us alert and classical music can improve our focus and problem-solving skills. Both music and coffee are beneficial to our overall health as they enhance our cognitive functions.


Coffee and music can start conversations.


Good coffee and good music are excellent conversation topics. Trying a new cup of coffee like a bulletproof coffee, finding out it’s good for the health, and sharing it with a friend or a partner is a great topic to talk about. Likewise, conversing about new or underrated artists, new songs, and new albums can prevent dull conversations, resulting in better relationship with your partner or peers. Clearly, the partnership of coffee and music is just too good to be true.

Can you think of other reasons why coffee and music go well together? Tell us in the comment section below!

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