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When Is The New PS5 Coming Out? And will it have music abilities?

Written on May 1, 2018   By   in Beyond music

The PlayStation 4 continues to be the best selling console in history. However, that hasn’t stopped gamers hoping for a more powerful console, which should be the PlayStation 5 (PS5). Industry experts are predicting that the earliest gamers should expect the PS5 is the year 2020. Many developers have been questioned about the existence of PlayStation 5 and denied being briefed about it. Keep in mind that many companies have claimed to have information about the PlayStation 5, but it’s actually limited. In this post, we look at these claims in detail.

The PS5 Release Date Is Imminent

Whether it’s the year 2020, one thing users should remember is that the PS5 will become a reality. However, remember that Sony hasn’t said anything about a new console since the PS4 continues to be among the best sellers in history. That means the company may be willing to wait longer before announcing a successor. On the other hand, Microsoft has offered gamers the excellent Xbox One X, which means Sony, has to respond in fashion.

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How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of the PS5 will probably be in the same range with the Xbox One X. The reason is that Sony will try to make its latest console competitive. Since we don’t know the specs of the PS5, we can’t accurately state the price of the PS5.

Will Sony Offer A New Headset?

One big success for Sony has been the PlayStation VR. The result has been some difficulty for users to find a headset online or in stores. However, if the PS5 happens to be more powerful than the PS4, we could see a better headset that will provide users with an improved reality experience.



Users are looking forward to the release of the PlayStation 5 (PS5). However, it could be a while since the PS4 is still among the best selling consoles in the market. Since Sony has to compete with its rivals in the market, we look forward to having the PS5 in the market.

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