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Must-Visit Places For Every Music Fan Before They Die

Want to see Eddie Van Halen’s famous Frankenstein guitar? Maybe you’re looking for a symphony orchestra? Or you just want a trip down to memory lane? Problem solved. We are here to cover some of the coolest places to go to if you want a little dose of history about music.

Music has always been a companion of people since the prehistoric times (Not really. But you get my point). Science also tells us that music can affect the mood and health of a person. Listening to good music can give you health benefits. Match it with good food and good drinks, you’re one step closer towards living a healthy life. Juicing can help you with that. You can visit juicerkings.com if you want to learn more about juicing. Music and Health? Who said that they’re not connected!

From Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Wagner to Nirvana, Backstreet Boys and Tupac. It’s like an endless wave of great musicians way back then. Now? I just don’t wanna talk about it.

Alright. Let’s visit some landmarks for us Music Fanatics.

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame – Cleveland, Ohio

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Cleveland, Ohio

This is the place where they induct the best of best in the world of Rock N’ Roll. Van Halen, Hendrix, Yes and even Tupac Shakur was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Very cool set of exhibits. Old photos, Guitars of Rock Gods, Costumes and other valuable memorabilia from the greatest artists of all time. Ticket price costs about $23 for General Admission. Definitely worth it!

MoPOP (Museum of Pop Culture) – Seattle, Washington


MoPOP’s Funky Design

Formerly called EMP/SFM (Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame). Founded by Microsoft’s co-founder Paul Allen in the year 2000. It is located in Seattle, Washington. The birthplace of grunge music back in the 90’s. This museum features mainly Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain in their galleries. Both of them are Seattle natives. You should also see the Guitar Sculpture in it. Pretty Cool.

The last one on our list is:

Carnegie Hall – New York City, New York

Built by Andrew Carnegie in 1891, it’s still one of the most famous musical places in the world today. Back in the past, It showcased the best talents the music scene can offer like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Duke Ellington and Stevie Ray Vaughan. The lobbies are riddled with vintage photographs and memorabilia. Today, it still hosts about 300 shows per year. Mainly concertos and symphony orchestras. Historical Indeed.


Thanks for reading this article and I sure do hope that you enjoyed every single bit of it. Peace out!


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The Similarities of a Music Lover and a Home Baker

Music is about love and baking bread is done with great love and passion. Now, aren’t these two actions of man similar? Your passion for music is guided with burning love for a perfect rhyme and melody while your earnest joy for baking is guided with perfect love for health and life.  If you are a passionate home baker then your bread recipe books are your song books for life and your kitchen is your concert hall.

If you want to experience the greatest joy of baking get fantastic ideas here at the bread machine world and take a look at the top bread making machines. A music lover enjoys most with the most requested songs and hits while a home baker finds great satisfaction with the most requested recipes and treats for the whole family. Now, can you be the home baker in this post? Is making bread one of your best interests?  Then, you should consider owning a best quality bread machine so you can create your perfect delights that will make your family happy.  Your best bread recipe books can be the greatest smashing hit in the kitchen especially if it’s done with utmost sincerity and compassion. Baking is love and your bread machine is your instrument.  There’s no need to feed your loved ones with store-bought bread when you can bake things at home. It is more meaningful and gratifying.

The Great Connection of Music and Baking

Baking is a great hobby that can help you release the stress in you. It can be your best outlet if you are exhausted with the harsh realities of life. It’s just like humming your favorite melody while you are too upset with the seemingly unbearable discomfort of depression.  Can you be both a music lover and a home baker?  You love to sing and you love to bake. Singing while baking can increase your eagerness to make your baking really successful.  Or you can take the option of listening to heartwarming music while you are preparing your delicious bread.  It can increase your concentration and it makes you more motivated and inspired.

home baking

If your choice of music will definitely tell what kind of person you are, likewise, your baking styles and your best bread recipes will tell people how passionate and loving you are.  Music is an art and so is baking. It utilizes your great creativity and passion. Both listening to music and baking can help you when you want to escape the realities you live in.

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Vacation Ideas for Music Lovers

Abbey Road

Vacations are more fun when you get the chance to do things that appeal to your interests or hobbies. If you love music, you may want to indulge on some sightseeing trips to places that have strong links to the greatest tunes or artists the world has seen.


Enjoy live performances at the Preservation Hall in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans makes it to the top of many music lovers’ travel list. The place famous for its jazz music scene is home to many best-known artists. It also has many live performance venues to choose from. The Preservation Hall is a great place to catch some live performances of traditional New Orleans jazz. This is one place steeped with the city’s musical history and has the ambiance to show it.


Explore Graceland and Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee, USA

A trip to Memphis is not complete without a visit to Graceland and Sun Studios among other notable sites. You do not have to be a fan of Elvis Presley or rock ‘n’ roll to add this to your itinerary. With Sun Studios located in the same city, it would be a shame if you do not drop by to what many refer to as the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll.


Geek out at Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum in Seattle, Washington, USA

As the name suggests, the Experience Music Project Museum is a facility specifically for music. Apart from the music related exhibits, your inner geek will rejoice in the many interesting things you can find when exploring this place.


Shop for records at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles, California, USA

Amoeba Records is the best place to go records hunting. The massive shop is stocked with a wide array of CDs, DVDs, and vinyl records. Whether you are looking for that elusive record you wanted to buy or some DVDs of films you want to collect, there is no better place to indulge but here.


Soak in the music in Iceland

Iceland is home to many artistic people. There are several talented artists like painters and writers to name a few. And of course, it has its share of excellent musicians, performers, songwriters, and more. The place is also considered as one of the under the radar music festival destinations. But probably not for long, given the growing number of people discovering its vibrant music scene.


Take photos of the Joshua Tree in California, USA

Many U2 fans have already made the pilgrimage to the scenic park and take photos of the Joshua Tree. Regardless if you are a fan of U2 or not, a visit here should be worth the trip given the enchanting scenery.


Walk along the Abbey Road in London, England

When in London, make time to visit and walk across Abbey Road. It may seem silly, but it is not. After all, it has become a sort of tradition for many music fans out there to get that experience off their must-do list.

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