Music Destinations

Nine Places to Explore for Music Lovers

1. Berlin, Germany
Highlights: Vibrant dance and music scene, tecno and electronica, party vibe
Berlin Music Week 2010

Dubai, UAE
Highlights: Diverse musical genres, several live music venues, top notch performers

Dublin, Ireland
Highlights: Traditional Irish music, pubs, live music venues

Glasgow, Scotland
Highlights: UNESCO City of Music, diverse music scene and venues, alternative rock

Havana, Cuba
Highlights: Home to the the danzón, habanera, and rumba, vibrant live music scene, street performers

London, England
Highlights: Home to several music legends, wide array of music venues

New Orleans, Louisiana
Highlights: Home to many jazz legends
New Orleans

Salzburg, Austria
Highlights: Home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, music and concert halls, enthralling music

Tokyo, Japan
Highlights: Live houses, diverse music scene, J-pop, foreign artists and performers
Tokyo Dome